Welcome to Holoholo Lens

If you're reading this then you've just received the Holoholo lens camera. In the box you'll find a bright orange case that holds the camera, and some goodies from Hawaii. Please fill out the sign in survey, either by going to the"sign in" link above or on the sign in button below


clicking here

the password is lensmein (that's a lower case L). After (or before) filling out the form, please take and send me a selfie with your phone, holding the camera (mirror selfies work too) to show that the camera is with you. I will post this to the holohololens instagram account & as a placeholder in your gallery on this website.

Lets begin with what's in the box? In the welcome leaflet you'll see a packing list of sorts, with a quick description what's in the box.

How many pictures?
A sunset
How to use camera?
I'm done, now what?

What kind of and how many pictures should I take?

So, one of the pieces of feedback I got, was you might not know what kind of pictures to take. That by saying "i want pictures from your life" I might be overwhelming you. Well I'm looking for pictures, that show what life is like wherever the camera lands/where you are, I'm not looking for gorgeous tourist board pictures. I selected you because you're already an instagram/facebook/twitter/snapchat picture poster. I'm just asking when you post those pictures, you also take a picture with my camera. I'm not looking for artificial pictures aka posed, planned pictures, etc. Please don't drive 100 miles out of your way to show how beautiful the place where you're living is. However if you were already planning a trip to somewhere gorgeous, please by all means take pics. Don't organize a family reunion just to take a picture, but if the camera happens to arrive when you're having a reunion, snap away. In a weird way, the more mundane the pictures the better because it helps tells the story. 

I'm hoping to have a gallery of about 30 pictures per person, that means realistically, I'll need at least 3x that amount of pictures to tell a coherent story. Take as many pictures as you want, don't feel like you have to take exactly 90 photos and don't worry about running out of space. It's digital, not film, it costs nothing to have too many, but having too little photos definitely hurts the process. Do let me know which pictures are important to you, and I'll put them into the gallery. And yes, I will be editing the pictures, so don't worry about them looking bleh, I can fix a lot.

A few ideas:

  • A shopping trip; some people are surprised I couldn't always get shoyu at all the supermarkets in WA, or that there were Longs Drugstores in Southern WA. A few people were even surprised there are no foodlands outside of Oahu, lol.
  • Going to work/coming home from work
  • Your typical day at work if that's ok, or crazy unusual day at work.
  • Your weekend day/activities.
  • Lunches/Dinners with friends/co-workers/family (or lunch at your desk if you're ok with that).
  • Food pics
  • Something you wouldn't believe you eat now, that you wouldn't have thought of back in the 808 (poutine for me).
  • Pics from some regularly scheduled activity
  • Something you would never dream of doing in Hawaii, but do on the mainland.
  • Something you did in Hawaii, and still do on the mainland.
  • Something that reminds you of home.
  • The thing that when you see it/saw it, made you really feel "ok, I'm not in the 808 anymore." For me it was seeing the lake/sound in WA and seeing no waves on the water.

However like I said, these are suggestions, do not feel you have to do them. This is not a checklist you need to do, it's just something to give you an idea of what to take. If you have better ideas, go right ahead, this is just because the first set of people who got the camera had the equivalent of "writer's block" for the first few weeks. I know 90 pics sounds like a lot, I'm not asking for a pic of 90ish different things, more 90ish total pics on that memory card. Which if you think about it 3 pics a day, for 10 days is already 30 pics. 10~20 pics at 3 family events/soccer practice/stuff, is another 30~60 pics. Food pics of 3 dishes at 10 meals, is also 30 pics.  So it's relatively easy to get to 90 without realizing. It will help me a lot, if when you take a photo, you take multiple pictures, reason being, the way that little camera works, sometimes the stabilization only kicks in after the second or third pic. Other times because focus easily goes crazy, taking multiple pics will make sure the camera's processor, know what the actual subject of the pic is (when the camera is being really temperamental, it sometimes takes as many as 5 pics before the camera agrees with you lol). 

Lastly, before I publicly set your gallery live, I might ask you for captions for some of the more interesting photos.  So if there's a pic you don't like you'll have a chance to tell me to change it.

I want a Sunset

I do have one specific request, a sunset. Please take a picture of a sunset. One thing I really missed when I was in WA was our beautiful Hawaii sunsets, and another local who lived in 3 other states told me: "Nowhere else on the mainland, have I ever found a sunset like ours, they're all beautiful in their own way, but they aren't Hawaii." So I'd like to see a sunset from where you are.

What kind of camera is it?

Now here's some straight technical details about the camera & the lens on the camera. It is a micro 4/3s camera, that means it's a high end point and shoot camera, a baby dSLR if you will. It has a wide dynamic range, and can handle most lighting conditions you can throw at it from bright daylight, to dusky nights. Included is an add on flash but in most situations you shouldn't need it. The lens on the camera is a wide angle landscape lens, it's not very flattering for selfies because it's right at that point where fisheye starts, it is the proverbial lens that will add 10 lbs to your picture. I'm not saying don't take selfies but be aware that the purpose of the lens is for landscapes and not portraits. BTW you'll be safe in group shots, or if the camera is a few feet away from you. I also put in a microphone adapter and clip on microphone, if you wish to record video and narrate a little bit. Note while the camera looks like a crazy advanced/expensive model, since it's actually a few years old, been banged up a bit, and I bought it used. I think at this point, the orange case costs more than the camera. I'm not saying go crazy, treat it like a gopro, but don't worry if it breaks. If it breaks, ehh life is life. I mean just from the 3 pictures below, at some point, the pleather fell off lol.

Other than that, please take the camera and document your world as it is. For now, my idea is for the camera to be with you for 3 to 4 weeks, and you send the camera back to me either when that time is up or you fill up the card. 

How do I use this camera?

When you first get the camera it'll be in that orange box. As noted on the insert, the first thing you should probably do is charge the battery and set the time to local time.  Here's a guide on how to do that.

Setting the time

After that here's a couple of things you'll have to remember, the camera's flash is an attachment and the camera forgets the time whenever you take the battery out. Here's how to attach the flash:

Attaching and detaching the flash


You can get very creative with the camera because it is a mini dSLR, but if you leave the camera in P mode, the camera can take care of about 90% of the scenes you throw at it. However, in the end, if you get confused. Here's the manual for the camera, though I don't think it's required reading.

E-PM1 Manual


I finished, now what?

If I didn't screw up, there should have been an envelope with $20 in it to pay for return shipping. Grab a USPS large priority mail flat rate box, slap on a label and send it back to me. Also, I know it's a Hawaii thing, but please don't feel obligated to send omiyage, and yes I know saying "don't" also sometimes, means please do, because it's a Hawaii thing. But I really mean, do not feel obligated to send anything. I owe you for doing me this favor. Though if you like send, I not gonna say no. ;)