Back in October, holoholo lens hit the 3 year mark. Yah the first gallery officially went up in January, but the camera first went out in October. Anyway, lets dig into the last 3 years.

What happened in the last 3 years?

  • We’ve had 13 people who agreed to be a part of my insane project. The 14th person is in the works right now.

  • The camera has been to 10 different states (check out the map

  • Amazingly 3 different countries 🤯 (I messed up the tag on one of the pics, so it looks like there’s only 2 countries in the map): US (obviously), Netherlands, and Dubai.

  • The camera itself was upgraded from the original Olympus camera to a Canon mirrorless camera. 😎

  • My good friend Lance made our awesome logo

  • The questionnaire process has been simplified

  • The process has been streamlined

  • For a while we had a burst of visitors from France. I still don’t know why holoholo lens (or whatever combo of SEO) made us trend in France, but merci beaucoup mes amis francais. Ça va!

What’s stayed the same over the last 3 years?

  • The orange box has stuck around 👍

  • The omiyage I ship with the box still seems to be a hit. 😜

  • I still love the sunset shots from all over the place.

What unexpected pain points did I have over the last 3 years?

  • A hard drive crash last year caused me to lose all the originals, but I managed to recover it from one of my paranoid, random just copy everything backups.

  • The original set of instructions seemed too convoluted/confusing so I had to simplify the process.

  • The cost of mailing the box has increased by $3 because of USPS price hikes

  • Had to upgrade hosting plans on squarespace doubling the monthly cost. $13/month to $26/month

  • Lion coffee changed to paper bags that apparently rip now when i mail them. 🤦‍♂️

What do you want for the future?

  • I need to figure out how to supplement the cost of the project, between the $250/year for the website hosting, $40 round trip mailing cost, and the approx $25 worth of omiyage. Holohololens is kind of an expensive hobby.

  • I would like to actually have an international holoholo lenser, someone who actually lives in some other country. However cost has always been an issue, the last time I tried to price out a RT to Japan, it was at least $100 each way. Also I couldn’t figure out how to handle the return trip payment, without resorting to the $100 bill in a laisee packet.

  • I’d like to hire someone to go thru the website copy, and just tighten the boiler plate stuff up. Not the questionnaire answers from participants, though, my plan for that is it to remain pure/true to the person participating; unedited, unfiltered, etc.

  • I’d like to hire someone to revamp the website, I’m using one of the default themes from Squarespace and while it looks nice it is still the default template.

  • My pie in the sky, moon shot, impossible dream, would be to have a celeb like Michelle Wie, the Rock, Kelly Hu, or Auli'i Cravalho take part in Holoholo Lens.


Well I feel like I’ve blabbed enough, but I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone: Shireen, Curtis, Jennifer, Dennis & Wanda (baskets beyond Hawaii), Troi, Kristi, Kristy, Alani, C, Alyssa, Mikey, Pixie and Chrysalis (coming soon) for being a part of my crazy project. Literally, without you folks, this project would not have worked. Extra shout out to Sara Kanno, for getting me in contact with Alani & Kristy. Thanks to Laurie for connecting me with Alyssa. Thank you Lance for doing the logo. Lastly, thanks to all the readers/followers/friends of participants for checking out the project. We’ve had visitors from almost everywhere on planet Earth.

Visitors from around the world

Visitors from around the world

See you all in 2019, and once again thank you all (but if you know some one who wants to sponsor the project lemme know).