So it's been a while since I updated the blog, that it's almost a joke. To be honest what happened was holoholo lens reach a stage where I had hit the 20 page limit of the personal account I was using with squarespace. So as I added more people, I had to remove pages to stay below the page limit. However with the latest addition to the Holoholo lens ohana, I had to switch to the business plan (over double the price), which removed the page limit and which enables me to blog again.

Anyway check out the people section for the two latest additions to the family. Also it's hard to believe but holoholo lens turned two at the end of 2017, we're in the third year of this project. I could never have imagined that it would have lasted this long, thank you to all the participants, lets see what this toddler of an art project can do! Note, we did have our terrible twos, at some point last year I started thinking of ending holoholo lens but thanks to the enthusiasm of the Kristi, Kristy and Alani. I kept on pushing the project and I am so happy that I did.