I met Chrysalis IRL, back when her kids were “still sticky” as our mutual friend Sara likes to put it. She’s been to the mainland a couple of times since I met her, and I think this is her second go round at mainland life. Kaimuki grad, married to a military person, 2 kids, into robotics, makeup artist, cute dog. Weirdly I think I went to one of her high school reunions, even though I never went to high school in Hawaii. Anyway, meet the Reynas and experience their life on the mainland during Christmas 2018. Oh, and if you spot it, she took a pic of the infamous Christmas tree, the one that was so half arsed decorated it went schmall kine viral over Christmas.

1. When did you receive the camera?
I received the camera mid December 2018 and kept it through January 2019.

2. Who are you/What school you went?
I graduated from Kaimuki High School in 2000 (Go Bulldogs!), went to UH Manoa, and lived in Hawaii for the majority of my life. As a military spouse I have also lived in Texas and now currently reside in Northern Virginia.

3. What do you miss about Hawaii?
I definitely miss the beach the most! I loved being able to walk to the beach from our home in Ocean Pointe, and we have fond memories of the blissful times we spent in the gorgeous water, basking in the warm Hawaiian sun.

4. When did you leave Hawaii?
We left Hawaii in May 2018, so it has only been a few months, and will be here for about 2 years before we have to PCS again. The military life is challenging for sure, but I do love the travel.

5. How do you keep Hawaii near?
We keep Hawaii near via food. We cook all of our favorite local dishes, and have been able to source most of our favorite things locally (thanks HMart!) so whenever the kids feel homesick they can request a favorite meal for dinner. Food is such a powerful way to feel a connection to a place and it’s great that people are so nice about sharing local recipes online. I’ve started cooking things now that I previously have only ordered at restaurants, so living here is forcing me out of my comfort zone too which is nice.

6. What is the first thing you do when you come back to Hawaii?
We haven’t gone back yet, but I have a feeling the first thing I’ll do will be to make a social media post with a “I’M FINALLY HOME!!!” Haha. I can’t wait to visit. But the last time I think I texted everyone haha. Sara was probably on that list. Like before we even left the airport i wanted to set up times to see everyone lol

7. Can you talk about your "oh wow i'm really not in the 808 anymore" moment?
For me, even though I’ve experienced snow in the past, nothing quite gave me the “Oh wow, we’re definitely not in Hawaii anymore” feeling like snow in NOVA. It’s so gorgeous out here, and the snow falls heavily and looks like it does in the movies. It’s gorgeous, white, fluffy snow, and everything is so picturesque where we live. It truly felt like the best winter of my life, and I’m so glad we got to experience it. I definitely would never have gotten that in Hawaii. 😉

8. Where can we find you?
I’m on IG under @chrysreyna.

9. Where did you take the camera?

We took the camera with us on our daily life- nothing too exciting since school and work takes up the vast majority of our time. We do love having access to DC and Maryland, and we were able to squeeze in a visit before the shutdown occurred, thankfully. I loved being a part of Holoholo lens and think it’s such a great project. It’s fascinating to see how other transplants are doing on the mainland, and I was thrilled to be able to share this little sliver of our lives with you all.