Strangely I haven’t actually met Korie IRL yet, but she graciously agreed to do holoholo lens for a month after her uncle (who you all know) Burt Lum aka @bytemarks, introduced us via email. Anyway without any further ado, here is her gallery. Get ready to meet Korie, who went to Moanalua and now lives in Portland, OR. BTW I really love this image from the gallery, hello NATGEO.


When did you receive the camera?
Got the camera (and "local packing peanuts") on June 29th, and (personally, haha) transported back to Hawaii through August 8th.

Who are you/What school you went?
I was born and raised on Oahu and graduated from Moanalua High School, then Oregon State University.

What do you miss about Hawaii?
The people! Family, friends, and just the feel of community like calling people aunty and uncle. It might sound a little weird, but I miss the smell of Hawaii air- which is humid and sweet, whereas Oregon air is more crisp and sharp.

When did you leave Hawaii?
Left in the fall of 2013.

How do you keep Hawaii near?
Cooking local food whenever I can, and eating local snacks! I also love that friends that I've made since living up here get together every so often to have "family parties", which definitely reminds me of gathering with family and friends back in Hawaii.

What is the first thing you do when you come back to Hawaii?
Very first thing is to visit with family, and the immediate second is to eat- usually poke.

Can you talk about your "oh wow i'm really not in the 808 anymore" moment?
One of the first times I had a "I'm not in Hawaii anymore" moment was when I saw a christmas tree farm while driving on the highway. Like many christmas trees in the ground growing in straight rows. Prior to that, I had only seen them for sale in parking lots outside of, like, City Mill. Another one was the first time I went to the Oregon coast. It was a sunny day, but still mid-low 60s, so most people were wearing jeans and jackets at the beach.

Where can we find you?
IG: oreokorieo

Where did you take the camera?

I love summertime in Oregon, and I was able to do a lot in the 1.5 months I had the camera! Some of the places and things are:

- Backyard BBQs in Corvallis

- Camping in Garibaldi

- Cheese tasting at Tillamook

- Beer Festivals in Portland

- 4th of July fireworks in Portland Waterfront

- Kinetic Competition + Science & Art Fair in Corvallis

- Summer wedding in Salem

- Flight back to Hawaii! at the Portland Airport