Here’s our first (and hopefully not last) official international Holoholo lenser. I met Sara a long time ago on a Hawaiian island far far away, just kidding. I’m not going to spoil it, her answers are amazing and omg Sara way to go.


When did you receive the camera?
Received on March 27th and held onto in through sakura season (!) until I came home on May 21st

Who are you/What school you went?
Hiiiii! I'm Sara. *waves* I went to McKinley High School and basically every CC in the UH system (online classes, ftw) until I moved to NYC where I graduated. 

What do you miss about Hawaii?
Honestly? Just the people. I've never been a beach person and am not about that sun life (I definitely have a vitamin K deficiency lol). I miss my friends, my family, and all the awesome people in Hawaii that I work with. 

When did you leave Hawaii?
I actually left twice. The first time, I moved with my then-bf now-husband to NYC for 4-ish years. We moved back in 2015 when we got married, then we left again in 2018 for Japan (where we currently live). 

How do you keep Hawaii near? 
This one's tough. I'm not very sentimental, so I don't have too many things that remind me of home. Instead, I've found that connecting with other Hawaii people here in Japan is the way we keep Hawaii near! We've been super fortunate to meet lots of amazing people (and we also have some Hawaii friends that have moved out here). Anytime we get together, it FEELS like we're back home, even though we're a thousand miles away.

What is the first thing you do when you come back to Hawaii?
Hang with the family! I'm pretty much the absolute WORST at keeping in touch, so when I come home I make it a point to spend time with my folks, harass my little sister and stay with my older sister and her fam for at least a few nights (this trip, I'm staying with them the whole week! Sorry for the mess, Jen! LOL). 

Can you talk about your "oh wow i'm really not in the 808 anymore" moment? 
Probably every time I go outside and all the signs are in Japanese. It honestly still feels so surreal - even though we've been here for over a year!

Where can we find you?
Instagram: @frompineapples (normal everyday life stuff)
Instagram: @frompineapples.eats (limited time snacks and all the food we eat)
blog: (posts about life in Japan, how we got our ancestry visa, and our travels)

Where did you take the camera?
It was sakura season (also my FIRST one ever in Japan), so we went to a a bunch of popular spots! I also had a quick 3-day trip to Korea, so it came along for that. On the daily, my life is fairly boring (I work from home!) but I've recently gotten into Pokemon, so I took it along a lot of long walks while I  hunting pokemon! Loved doing this project - and hope this gives you a sneak peek into life in Japan! haha. If you're ever out here, look me up!