I haven't actually met Mikey IRL, he's someone I'm following on Instagram hey_mikey_. He had the camera during the early part of summer, and took it with him to a whole bunch of amusement parks with his family. If there's one thing I miss about living on the mainland, it's the ability to just leave where you are for a weekend. Don't have to deal with a 5hr flight off the aina just to see something different. Anyway if I haven't mentioned it he lives somewhere in NC and here's his month with the camera.

When did you receive the camera?
June 2018

Who are you/What school you went?
H. P. Baldwin High School (go Bears!), UH Manoa, UNC Charlotte

What do you miss about Hawaii?
So much. Mainly the food, culture, family and friends. Grabbing a plate lunch after a morning beach session. Simple fresh poke that's not mucked up with corn and Mandarin oranges and other junk that's in the culturally appropriated versions being peddled all over the mainland. Having people I can rely on when I need help. Building new friendships after moving a new area can be tough sometimes.

When did you leave Hawaii?
Summer 2012

How do you keep Hawaii near?
I have a lot of family and friends that still live back home so between them and a bunch of other people I follow on social media I'm constantly bombarded with images that make sure Hawaii's not far from my thoughts. More than anything though, food makes me nostalgic. I cook sometimes when I really want local style food.

We always have ramen and Spam in the pantry for those cold, rainy days, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a decent Filipino restaurant around here when so many places are just generic "Asian" cuisine. Someone is opening up an L&L franchise about five minutes from my house, so I'm actually super excited to see how it compares.

What is the first thing you do when you come back to Hawaii?
Usually head to my parents house and have a mean with some fresh poke and Filipino food (or plate lunch if no one cooked). Always have to make time to hit the beach with old friends, too. We make it to Myrtle Beach a lot here, which our boys love, but the water back home is so much cleaner and clearer.

Can you talk about your "oh wow i'm really not in the 808 anymore" moment?
I've had a lot of them, usually in the form of serious questions:

"Do Hawaiians live in grass shacks?"

"Do you surf to school?"

"How do you like America?"

I overheard a group talking about going to Hawaii a while back, and one girl was giving advice to the rest of her friends. "Everything is so expensive there. The exchange rate is so high that the dollar doesn't go very far . . ." I must've had the biggest WTF look on my face at the time.

Where can we find you?
Insta: hey_mikey_

Where are you planning to take the camera?
Concord/Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, Disney World