Ok I admit, I got a bit overwhelmed with this one, BUT it means this is going to be a two parter! Anyway meet Alyssa, she lives in Orgeon and I think I met her before she left for college back in my early days of Twitter(ing), pretty sure I met up with Laurie and her daughter at the Neiman Marcus cafe at Ala Moana, or it might have been a dream and I first met her in Seattle while I was living on the mainland that one time her mom visited there where I was there. She had the holoholo lens camera and took it gallivanting around the world (semi literally), enjoy part one of her gallery.

Preferred Name: Alyssa    
Location: Portland, OR
When did you receive the camera? March 2, 2018
Who are you/What school you went? Graduated from MPI
What do you miss about Hawaii? I miss the sunshine, food and family
When did you leave Hawaii? Been back and fourth since 2009 but officially moved back February 2017
How do you keep Hawaii near? Lots of local food up here, family bringing goodies when they come to visit, try go back to visit as much as possible and my Clark Little calendar
What is the first thing you do when you come back to Hawaii? Eat everything, see friends and go beach to try and get my tan back
Where can people find you? On Instagram aoue808
Where are you planning to take the camera? Mostly Portland during the week, possibly weekend trips around Oregon/Washington, #SPOILERS (Ricky here I took this part because it would be a spoiler and you won't come back for part 2 :P)