C is one of those people who I am truly grateful I met on this crazy journey called life. I met her a few years ago, and was immediately awestruck. She's at least a decade younger than me, but has achieved so much by the time she was 26, that I wanted to be her when I grew up. While she professes to be an introvert, her personality lights up a room and well is just darn cool. She's moved on from Hawaii (and I still haven't forgiven her for that j/k), and is now a student again somewhere on the mainland. I'm fully convinced (and this is not a curse) that she'll be the president one day, smart, funny and she could literally kick your okole. Anyway, she's on that very short list of people I want my nieces to meet when they get older, because Uncle Ricky looks up to her and well like i said, she's cool a.f. 

Yes the format of this particular holoholo lens post is different so please forgive the difference, meet C our first Holoholo lenser of 2018. Here's her-story in her own words:

Preferred Name: C.
Location: MI
When did you receive the camera? Late December through late February.
What do you miss about Hawaii? I miss Hawaii's food, hands down.
How do you keep Hawaii near? I keep Hawaii close, I have different faux haku lei throughout my apartment. I've added an ukulele, an old school Hawaii postcard, and a photo taken by Ricky Li of Hawaii to my collection my decor reminding me of home! 
Where do you plan to take the camera? Plan to take the camera to school.