This one is a little strange, I met Pixie’s brother years ago when he worked for a local PR company and they organized an influencers’ get together. Flash forward a few years, after making fun of him, and another mutual friend online. We became friends on facebook, and now we’re friends IRL. She’s my first celebrity on HHL, in that she’s won Bakers vs Fakers on food network, she lives in the Bay area and here’s her month. Remember if you liked her on food network, or just want to support an 808er living on the main. Subscribe to her youtube channel or instagram (links below). Until next time.

When did you receive the camera?
I got the camera at the beginning of November 2018.

Who are you/What school you went?
My name is Pixie Clay, born and raised on Oahu, but now living in San Francisco. I went to James Campbell High School in Ewa Beach then went to the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

What do you miss about Hawaii?
I miss my family and friends the most. And this is going to sound trivial, but I miss getting my favorite foods easily. Some foods I love are hard to track down or it took me years to find a place that actually sold them (at a reasonable price) - like Hawaiian Sun or Aloha Maid juices, Lilikoi Jelly, li hing mui powder/seeds, crack seed, kaki mochi. You have to buy the juices by the can, so I miss being able to get a case or a six pack of my favorite flavor. Oh and POG...the stuff that’s sold in the refrigerated section - tastes waaay better than the cans and it’s near impossible to find sometimes! I know of one store in the entire Bay Area that sells the half-gallon cartons and they run out of it pretty quick.

When did you leave Hawaii?
I left on June 2, 2011.

How do you keep Hawaii near?
I still keep in touch with everyone I know from Hawaii, so all the pictures they share on social media helps keep the homesickness away. I also have fridge magnets from my favorite places that I look at frequently. And oddly enough, there are a lot of people connected to Hawaii in the Bay Area...some are friends I know from Hawaii! So chatting with them helps keep home close. Visits back home once a year also help a loooot.

What is the first thing you do when you come back to Hawaii?
Take off my sweater, complain about the heat, then go get a lot of poke!

Can you talk about your "oh wow i'm really not in the 808 anymore" moment?
There are three moments that stick out in my mind. The first one was when I drove on the freeway for the first time...and it was either go as fast as everyone else despite it being well above the speed limit or get ran over while pissing everyone off at the same time. Also, if you wave at someone as a thank you for letting you in, they give you a strange look as most people flash their emergency blinkers as a thanks instead. The second moment was when it was in the middle of July right after I had moved and I hadn’t seen the sun for a solid week and a half because of the thick fog that didn’t burn off. The third was when I realized that full sunshine and clear skies does NOT mean it’s warm outside.

Where can we find you?
My website:
Instagram & Twitter: @pixieclay

Where did you take the camera?
It went with me to work, on errands, when I stopped by some places just to stop and admire the scenery. Unfortunately, I had the camera when the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California’s history was burning...and that sent a thick blanket of smoke over a lot of Northern California that didn’t clear for 14 days. A lot of outdoor activity was limited during a lot of my time with the camera due to the unhealthy/hazardous air quality.