Alani represents the second half of the double header from last year that my friend Sara set me up with. I actually haven't met Alani before, but from her pictures, and my emails with her she's really nice. Long story short, mid way thru 2017, I was running out of people to send the orange box too and I reached out to people to see if they had any leads for me. Sara said she had two people in mind, enter Kristy and Alani's double header months. Alani lives in San Francisco (so jelly) and has a cool dog that reminds me of the dog from cowboy bebop. Anyway enjoy her pictures, they pick up right after Sara's birthday party in NYC.

Preferred Name: Alani

Location: San Francisco, CA

When did you receive the camera? 3 of us from back home visited Kristy in Philly, I intercepted it then

Who are you/What school you went? McKinley 

What do you miss about Hawaii? Everything! but mostly the people, the rich culture, and the SUN!

When did you leave Hawaii? way back when, it's been forever

How do you keep Hawaii near? I don't need physical reminders of home - I carry Home with me whenever I go. I'm a bit of a nomad - I've moved around a lot after moving from Hawaii; home represents too much for me for it to be belittled into a physical object. I embody it and there's a sense of permanence that comes from this. 

What is the first thing you do when you come back to Hawaii? Zippys. For sure. Can't go wrong with Chili spaghetti and garlic bread. Mmmnmnm, legit ramen. And shave ice, with mochi and azuki beans. And that coffee jellee drink from La Patisserie. Mnnnnnnn. Oooo! Loco Moco and ... I give up. I'm hungry now.

Where are you planning to take the camera? Philly / NYC / SF 

*Photo credits to Sara while we were in Philly and NYC - that's why some pics look professional and some look like they were shot by an 8 year old, haha

I wanted to show the similarities in all 3 cities the Holoholo lens captured when we had it. Chinatown is still there; all that touristy shopping is well...everywhere; anywhere you'd want to visit, mainland has a version of it and even more. Fantastic, beautiful places people need to see.

The only thing that's missing? The *communitas - looking people in the eye, saying hi to Auntie even when you don't know her from the woman next to her because there's only a 1 degree of separation back home; the slippers, the Lau Lau....

What missing is the je ne sais quoi of Hawaii - our culture and community.

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