This one is a little different, Kristi had an unplanned trip home pop up during her month. Instead of delaying or working in a break, we decided it would be cool to get a "kama`aina comes home" gallery. I must say, it turned out really cool. Also, it gave us a chance to meet in real life, up until this project we were pure cyberfriends, even though we both lived in WA simultaneously for a little while. Anyway check out her full gallery below, it's fricking beautiful. Oh yeah, she's a super extraordinary photographer so everything is just plain gorgeous. Also send her some love, like her on facebook.

Preferred Name: Kristi Bonney

Location: Lake Chelan, Washington

When did you receive the camera?: 6/26/2017

Who are you/What school you went?: I'm a wife, mother, and photographer living in the Pacific Northwest. I'm half Hawaiian, half Portuguese. I love Japanese food, hate beans, and I'm a Game of Thrones junkie. I spent the most awkward years of my life at Roosevelt High School, which served as ground zero for my late bout with puberty. Yay me.

What do you miss about Hawaii?: Of all the things Hawaii has to offer, I miss its food the most.

When did you leave Hawaii?: 1/1/2002

How do you keep Hawaii near?: In my own way, I keep Hawaii close to my heart by maintaining familial ties back home, surrounding my home with photos of the ocean, feeding my family local food (rice is still a staple in our home), and raising my kids with Hawaiian family values.

What is the first thing you do when you come back to Hawaii?: The first thing I do when I jump off the plane is head home to my parents house where they always have Sato's fried noodles, poke, and poi waiting for me.

Other social media: 
Instagram: @kristibonney

Where are you planning to take the camera?: Hawaii