You might know him as MrTroi, the constant friend to everyone on the social media landscape in Hawaii. Even when he went to the mainland a few years back (the first time), he was still plugged into the local scene. Now is the second time he's gone back to the mainland and he agreed to be part of holo holo lens. 

I first met Troi, back in 2009 I believe, I had just quit my job at HPU, and we were at Hooters at Aloha Tower. There wasn't really an occasion as I remember, it was just a gathering, Marc Orbito was there, and that was the same night I met Jennifer Lieu. So really Troi has been a part of the social media landscape for a very long time.

A teacher by day, and a photographer by night, Troi's time with the camera has taken a different perspective from our usual gallery. Also he had the new holo holo lens camera, you may notice a jump in image quality an that's why. So join holo holo lens as we catch up with Troi in his new home of Twentynine Palms, CA which is so full of sand everything is beachfront property. Disappointed there were no UFO pics though. Follow him on social media (twitter and instagram) at @mrtroi.

Preferred Name: Troi

Location: Twentynine Palms, CA

When did you receive the camera? 1/9/2017

Who are you/What school you went? Pearl City grad, teacher, Raider fan, husband, nerd/geek,

What do you miss about Hawaii? Moisture, the best beaches in America (sorry Cali, you ain't got nothing on paradise), the food, friends and family, and the spirit of Aloha (it's really evident when you don't see it much).

When did you leave Hawaii? 7/19/2016

How do you keep Hawaii near? Keeping Hawaii in my heart is easier thanks to social-media and technology. FB and Instagram allows me to keep tabs on what's going on with friends and family. I still opt to get those text messages from the Hawaii civil emergency that let's me know when they're doing siren tests, high surf advisory, or tsunami alerts. My wife and I surround ourselves with snacks like furikake chex mix and hurricane popcorn.

What is the first thing you do when you come back to Hawaii? Roll down the windows and breathe in the fresh ocean air and soak in the humidity. Living in the desert takes a toll on your skin. When we first arrived in the middle of summer, it was 118° F. Breathing burned our lungs. Yet I digress, I picture our return home to be immediately spent having dinner with family somewhere like Aiea Bowl's The Alley for some of that ox tail soup. Then the beach... Ko'olina or Kailua...maybe Bellows.

Where are you planning to take the camera? Joshua Tree National Park, Temecula, and anywhere there's sand.

Occupation: Teacher

Age range: Closing in on 4 decades.

Misc: Be excellent to one another! Till all are one!