Here's another deviation from standard operating procedures. I got introduced to Kristy thru our mutual friend Sara (aka Sarakata on twitter), and instead of mailing the orange case out to her she picked it up from me over lunch here in Honolulu. To add to the "deviation from SOP", this time the orange case did a double header, at some point our traveling little camera got hot potato-ed over to another friend on the mainland. She's in the pics and if you can guess who she is, you win... the satisfaction of knowing you were right. Her gallery comes up after Christmas but for now, meet Kristy.

Preferred Name:
Philadelphia, PA (with weekly appearances in NYC via Amtrak)
When did you receive the camera?
10/4/2017 while visiting Hawaii for a cousin's wedding
Who are you/What school you went?
I immigrated to Hawaii when I was 5 years old and lived in Honolulu near Chinatown until I was 18. I attended McKinley and then the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where I've been ever since. I work for a large telecommunications and tech company. I visit Hawaii almost 2 times a year--lucky me!
What do you miss about Hawaii?
My family, especially my mom and my adorable little cousins. 
When did you leave Hawaii?
After graduating from high school to attend college as far away as possible
How do you keep Hawaii near?
I stay in contact with my family via a large group chat on WeChat. Other than that, I have trinkets and mementos lying around the apartment such as: the haku lei my mom stayed up all night making for my college graduation, dried up lei from my MBA graduation, origami made from the beautiful paper I bought from Hakubundo when I was in high school, Hawaiian coasters, and a honu ornament. 
What is the first thing you do when you come back to Hawaii?
Go home, eat whatever my mom has cooked and drink whatever soup she has brewed with Chinese herbs. I then fall asleep due to the long flight and the fact that I woke up at 10 pm local time (4 am ET) to catch the earliest flight to Hawaii that day. 

Where are you planning to take the camera?
55 floors above Philly, quaint streets of the historic city --wherever else my 3 high school friends visiting me from Hawaii, SF, and Minneapolis would like to go to celebrate our high school reunion. 

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