Well I'm retroactively including myself in the Holo holo lens project, as the founding person of the group. Here's my gallery.

Location: Kirkland, WA

When did you receive the camera? Doesn't apply to me I own the thing. ;)

Who are you/What school you went?
I didn't unless you count me going to school at Hawaii Pacific University, I guess you could say I went there but I went to school in Hong Kong and only did college here in Hawaii.

What do you miss about Hawaii?
I miss my friends, the ease of getting to everything, I don't miss the vog, I miss seeing the ocean, but I never really utilized my vitamin sea access while I was in the 808. I miss the sunsets, the sunsets here in WA just don't seem the same. They're beautiful but it's just not the same. I miss the food. Oh yah, I REALLY miss the humble musubi, there is nothing to ever really matched it's simplicity for savory breakfast food.

When did you leave Hawaii? May 2013

How do you keep Hawaii near?
I keep up with everyone on social media, I seemed to pay more attention to Hawaii news but also when I meet 808ers here in WA, I'd take time to chat with them. I go out of my way to go hang out with visiting 808ers when they come to Seattle.  I kept in touch with everyone on facebook, but strangely, even though I never wore anything really Hawaii branded/logo wear while in Hawaii. I also started wearing vh07v clothes, hats/caps that had things only people from Hawaii would recognize. I had a cap with night marchers on it, a shirt that said 808Urban. I didn't want it to outright scream "HAWAII" but I wanted to be identifiable.

What is the first thing you do when you come back to Hawaii?
I go eat, sometimes Genki/Kuru kuru sushi, mostly big city dinner and zippys.

Where are you planning to take the camera?
Well I took it all over the place because I was too lazy to carry my "work" dSLR with me.

Uncle Ricky