Meet Jenn, a sacred hearts girl who now lives in Atlanta, GA. She went way beyond what I asked for and I thankful, it took me a while to whittle the 3000+ pics down to the 60 or so you see here. Also, there's several hours worth of videos, I'm still trying to figure out how to compile the videos into something, but here's the pics from her month with Holoholo lens.

This is probably the first gallery I've edited in the whole project where I've been constantly hungry during the edit. The crayfish boil, I'm so jealous of the crayfish boil. I think the thing that stands out the most with her pics were: 

a) the food
b) the ohana she has built on the mainland. Right on.

While I would like to say, no Jenn's where harmed in the making of this gallery, there is one picture in there that I had to put in because dannnngggg. So if you're squemish when it comes to blood, there's a pic in the dragon boat section you might want to skip.
 Anyway, like I said, meet Jenn, send her a shout out and let me know if you know anyone you would like to nominated for the next Holoholo lens adventure.

*Note these are just a sampling of her life in GA, there's a gallery of 300+ pics coming up, but it might be a little while because I'm about to hit a busy patch. 


Location: Atlanta, GA

When did you receive the camera?: 5/2/2016

Who are you/What school you went?: I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. I graduated high school from Sacred Hearts Academy. I graduated college from Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, GA. I live in Atlanta with my boyfriend and two cats.

What do you miss about Hawaii?: What do I miss? Let me count the ways...
-how much more patient and courteous the drivers are
-tree ripened tropical fruits (I admit that I'm a mango and papaya snob.)
-a ready supply of Redondo's portugese sausages in bulk
-Highway Inn
-Beautiful sunrises and sunsets no matter where you are
-the tradewinds
-sound and smell of the ocean
-high quality fresh seafood everywhere
-the lack of daylight savings

When did you leave Hawaii?: 8/27/2010

How do you keep Hawaii near?: Food is the main way that I try to keep connected to Hawaii. I cook foods that I grew up with such as loco mocos and tons of spam. I also grew up eating Korean food at home. I'm lucky that there's a huge Korean community right outside of Atlanta and I can get a lot of ingredients and good eats easily. Whenever I go home I jam my suitcase full of frozen Redondo's portuguese sausages and Highway Inn's laulaus. I pack extremely light on my way into the islands. I also enjoy fresh fruits sprinkled with lihing mui powder. My Mom recently sent me a care package with a giant bag full of furikake. So, I'll be sprinkling that on everything for a while. 

I also follow different businesses and people still in Hawaii. When I come home my little sister is often surprised that I know about a new business that just opened up. During my last visit we went and tried Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake. They had just opened a week or two before I arrived. Until I can come home I live vicariously through social media.

What is the first thing you do when you come back to Hawaii?: I go home to my parent's and have a home cooked Korean meal.

Where are you planning to take the camera?: Most of my photos will be inside the perimeter in Atlanta. I live within a mile or two of downtown. It's easy to get from my place to different neighborhoods. I may also have some photos an hour or two out of the city. My boyfriend's family lives outside of the perimeter.

Occupation: I work in HR.

Misc: I love Hawaii and Atlanta, but for different reasons. One city provides what the other lacks. If only I could have my cake and eat it, too. I would be one blissfully happy gal.