Shireen our first official holoholo lens person (I need a name for this), currently lives on the 9th island so not too far from home. :P She's one of the people I met over the years on social network and a photography hobbyist. Anyway, take a look at her gallery, check out her lonely fan pic as the lone, UH fan at a UH away game.

  1. Who are you & what school you went?
    I'm Shireen and for all intents and purposes, I went to Pearl City High School.
  2. When did you leave Hawaii?
    I left Hawaii in July 2012 or 2011. Probably 2012.
  3. Where you stay now?
    Las Vegas, NV
  4. What do you miss about Hawaii?
    THE FOOD and the Hawaii weather during the summer.
  5. What do you do to keep Hawaii near you?
    It's a mix of things... I always keep my pantry stocked with some kind of Hawaii food, snack, etc. I keep a list in my phone of places that I can get a decent mix plate. I've kept the same blue Hawaiian print car seat covers for years. My family and friends also help out with this, too. If they're not sending me Hawaii snacks, they're sending other Hawaii-related things, like the special edition Hawaiian Stitch Tsumtsum toy!
  6. What is the first thing you do when you come back to Hawaii?
    I EAT! The last time I came home, we made a pit stop at Libby's for manapua. My uncle went away to school in Arizona and has lived there since. Everytime he goes home to Hawaii, he eats. I used to laugh at that until I returned home after I first moved the Las Vegas... and found myself doing the exact same thing!