Meet Curtis, I worked with him back in the day at INETs a former tech/isp company in Hawaii. He's the next Holoholo lens alumni, originally from Kailua on Oahu, seeing him go from IT tech person to this awesome offshore engineer is insanely cool. Thanks again for being part of Holoholo lens Curtis! Make sure you check out his full gallery on my 500px. It's worth it.


Location: Pensacola, Florida

Who are you/What school you went?: I am Curtis Caya. I am originally from Hawaii and moved to the mainland almost 3 years ago. I graduated high school from Kalaheo High in Kailua and I graduated from Heald College in Honolulu.

What do you miss about Hawaii?: The food, the culture, the people, the weather, and the bus system.

When did you leave Hawaii?: 5/3/2013

How do you keep Hawaii near?: I visit the islands at least 3 times a year. I listen to a lot more Hawaiian music now that I no longer live there than I ever did when I did live there.

What is the first thing you do when you come back to Hawaii?: Plate lunches is always one of the first things to do. I also make sure that I stick my feet in the sand.

Where are you planning to take the camera?: I'll be traveling through Alabama, Mississippi, and then to Louisiana where I work offshore.

Occupation: I'm an Engineer on an offshore supply vessel. Which is basically a boat that supplies offshore oil drilling rigs.