Do you remember a little cafe/florist called Petals and Beans at the Hokua building/condo at the corner of Ala Moana and Auahi? I used to do a lot of tweetups & movie nights there, for a good while they were my coffice of choice. Well it was owned by A lovely couple, Dennis and Wanda. Life being the way it is, Petals and Beans eventually closed and they moved to Washington State (after I moved back home ironically). Anyway, meet Dennis and Wanda, or re-discover the family a genuinely nice set of people. If you're looking for gift baskets to send to people in WA (or other places on the mainland?) look them up. Heck of a lot easier to get them to build the basket, than trying to do it yourself. I should know, I helped them make baskets at one point... Once only, and never again, plus I only made the news paper balls that held up the stuff in the basket. They've got very high standards. 



Preferred Name: Baskets Beyond Hawaii (formerly Petals and Beans)

Location: Lake Stevens, WA

When did you receive the camera?: 9/8/2016

Who are you/What school you went?: Grew up in Kalihi and graduated from Hawaii Baptist Academy. (Parents wouldn't let me go to Farrington High School to be with my Kalih Bowl friends). Parents were the original owners of Tasty Chop Suey in Kalihi. Retired from airlines, helped wife with Petals & Beans and Baskets Beyond Hawaii.

What do you miss about Hawaii?: Royal Kitchen baked char siu bow. Wearing t-shirt, shorts, and slippers all year without feeling cold. A good Chinese, Japanese, & Korean restaurant.

When did you leave Hawaii?: 5/4/2015

How do you keep Hawaii near?: Watch University of Hawaii sports live on tv or online (football, men's basketball, women's volleyball, baseball). Listen to KKEA Sports Animals & Bobby Curren Show on their app. Read online version of Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Follow the 3 major TV News and Andy Bumatai on Facebook.

What is the first thing you do when you come back to Hawaii?: Eat at Zippy's, Zip Pack and Coke Icee Float with chocolate ice cream

Where are you planning to take the camera?: Live Aloha Hawaiian Cultural Festival, restaurants, friend's homes, shopping

Occupation: self-employed Baskets Beyond Hawaii

Age range: 60+

Misc: Enjoying our new home and being with our only child, Nicholas, who graduated from Iolani, went to University of Washington, and never came back home. After 7 years, we decided to close Petals & Beans and move north of Seattle to be with him.